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Who we are...

We are a faith based, physician managed practice that is passionate about helping you succeed in your weight loss goals. We are dedicated to teaching you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without dependence.  We want to educate our patients so they know how to make nutritious choices. In fact, our ultimate goal is to never see you as a patient again! Through counseling and nutrition education, our patients are well prepared to make good food choices in their everyday life. More importantly, they develop the confidence to make the right decisions that will keep their weight off long term,improve their health and enjoy a better quality life.  

Our Promise...

Because your experience is physician managed, we can ensure that you will receive the best care possible.  During your first visit you will have a full physical exam where one of our Doctor's will evaluate your current health and determine what your individual needs are. Weekly progress will be monitored by our staff throughout your journey which doesn't end when you reach your goal!

Our team of providers include Program Technicians, Nurses and our Registered Dietitian.  They will be available to support, guide and motivate you throughout your weight loss journey.  We understand the challenges that patients face and are dedicated to offering support and advice that we know can make a difference in helping someone change their life.  Additionally, once your goal is met we offer a maintenance program providing support and accountability for the long run.


Real Food, Real Results!