The Weigh Station


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The Weigh Station's Physician managed Program:

During your initial visit our Physician(s) will perform a complete physical exam including an EKG, lab work (CBC/CMP) and review current and past medical history.  Our staff will also provide nutrition education and review recommendations for our program.  Most initial visits take an hour and a half on average to complete.  


The base cost for this visit is $150 (this does NOT include any additional labs, supplements or medications that the Doctor recommends).

Once your initial visit  is complete you will schedule weekly visits until your goal weight is met.  These visits are $50.00.  We have several discount programs available (please see below).

We do not bill insurance but can provide a super bill that can be submitted privately by each individual patient directly to their insurance company.  It's best to call your insurance company and ask them if they offer coverage for Physician Managed Weight Loss.


The Weigh Station program can accommodate a vegetarian lifestyle.  The Registered Dietitian and staff can provide patients with a food list that will assist them and allow them to continue their vegetarian lifestyle while losing weight.   *Please note that results on this program may vary.

Discounts offered exclusively for this program include:

We have several discount programs available.  Please note that these discounts are only applied to weekly visits.  *INITIAL VISITS are never discounted; they are $150.00 plus the cost of any additional labs and or supplements our Physician orders.

House Hold Discount:

Dependents or spouses living in the same home as an existing patient (as identified on IRS tax forms) may come together for the price of one patient for their weekly visits ($50.00 per week, total, for two people).

Public Safety Discount:

Police, EMT and Firemen will receive half off weekly visits ($25.00 per week).

The Buddy Plan Discount:

Grab a friend to join you in your weight loss journey!  Once your new buddy joins, enjoy coming for only $35.00 per person, every week!  Your buddy must be a new patient.  Both buddies must come in the same week.  If you don’t come together, the first buddy must pay the entire amount.